Day: February 12, 2020

Kya Aapko Bhi FOMO Hai?

2 min read At your office desk, scrolling through your Instagram during the 5 minutes breathing space that you have managed, you see all your friends chilling somewhere in Goa. Here is a breakdown of how you can deal your fomo.

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Can Writers Earn Enough Money?

2 min read Vrinda was besotted by Abida Parveen. Her way was not easy, but that was the way she chose. She started writing for Hindustani and this is how she monetized her career

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Give me a chance? Asks Gully Girl Shivani

2 min read While there are many young talents who lose out on opportunities due to several societal barriers, being a girl in this patriarchal society is an added struggle and here is one such case of a gully girl – Shivani

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