Kya Aapko Bhi FOMO Hai?

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At your office desk, scrolling through your Instagram during the 5 minutes breathing space that you have managed, you see all your friends chilling somewhere in Goa. Do you feel like you should have been in that floral pair of shorts, gulping down beer cheaper than water, taking a sunbath? If yes, you are a goner, my friend; you have FOMO- the fear of missing out!

In this day and age of social media, everything is on your face, even if you do not want them to be. A good day you are having can get spoilt by a perfectly lit, filtered and edited photo of someone who fits the society’s standard of beauty and you – not so much! Your otherwise fulfilling nine to five seems drudgerous when you see others partying. Let us face it- having FOMO is a pathetic feeling, but all of us go through it.

But how do we deal with this feeling? The first step is acceptance. It is okay to be a little insecure, but let that not take over your life. Always know that what you see on social media is a tiny, shiny part of someone’s life and that the grass is always greener on the other side. But make the most of the pasture on your side because there are people who have a peek at your life and go all, “ Arey, Mujhe FOMO ho raha hai yaar!”.

We went on the streets and asked people about having FOMO, doing things just to get over the feeling momentarily and finally how do we tackle the constant pressure of social media. And we came across some really genuine, honest advice. Watch the youth discuss FOMO and maybe take a tip or two from them.

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