From Rampur To Bollywood: Mujahid’s Parkour Journey

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A small-town boy, fulfilling his dreams, becoming a success story for many others to emulate- how many times have you heard this story? We might think that it has become a cliche tale, but what we tend to overlook is that every cliche has its pattern; patterns of blood, sweat, and tears. One such tale is of Parkour star from Rampur – Mujahid.

Like everyone in his town, Mujahid’s parents too were unaware of parkour. But for him, this was his passion. He draws an analogy from life and says “just like life, parkour has obstacles you have to cross to reach your goal, but it is worth it”. And Mujahid has single-handedly awarded Rampur the title of Parkour capital of India.

Indulging in an activity most people do not even know the name of is a risky business, but Mujahid believed in himself and his talent. When Hollywood came calling, it was a sweet surprise for this young boy, who had continued to do what he liked despite facing resistance from all ends. Something which was supposed to be tomfoolery is the talent everyone knows him by.

Mujahid is a parkour instructor, who is passing on all he knows to youngsters who would like to know more. Running through the crowded gali of Rampur, he has reached the shiny quarters of success, but his journey has not stopped and he wants to make the most of it. Like he says, “zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi”. Watch Mujahid talk about his badi zindagi and how he made it through it. 

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