Gen Z, Let’s Cancel The ‘Cancel Culture’? In Conversation With Natasha Malpani Oswal

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The world that once revolved around cancelling ‘something’ soon steered to cancelling ‘someone’ and today where cancel culture maybe on the rise, cancelling cancel culture is more of the need of the hour.

Acquiring its particularly new context and carving its way into existing in 2016, the cancel culture that infamously many Indians may refer to as ‘Boycotting’ soon became the online police for calling out the free-pass holders due to their celebrity status for putting out public opinions/statements that were otherwise insensitive and hurting the masses.

Today everyone and everything can be cancelled by the forces of the internet realm if they decide to do so and its powers are only increasing as its scope is evolving with developing cyber behaviour. But what started off as calling out the wrong doer’s publicly slipped into public shaming within the blink of an eye.

While Donald Trump was cancelled for his racist remarks, Cardi B for her homophobic comments and Karan Johar for his nepotistic skills, Shane Gillis was fired from Saturday Night Life because a journalist decided to bring to light a blast from the past and dig up the offensive language used by Shane in his past work. Hard hitting emotions arose and fans turned to cancel cops by collectively cancelling Shane’s work that eventually led to a ripple effect and forced him to step down from the show. What may seem to be an attempt to bring to line a public figure came off to be an insensitive movement of the masses hiding behind their screens to defame a celebrity and his past work inconsiderately, to the point where his career was ruined and so was his mental, emotional and financial health.

Paying ode to this rising trend, Natasha Malpani Oswal– the creative head and founder of Boundless Media sought to herself to understand and study the cancel culture and everything that tags along with it before she set foot on a journey to create a genre-breaking show on cancelling the cancel culture. An immunologist researching cancer, an impact investor, a part-time journalist, and a writer, Natasha in a way grew up to cancel several values and careers before she let her talent meet her passion, creating Boundless Media, a new age, cutting edge content house creating and producing stories for the new India.

Boundless Media is known for their genre-bending content and adding to this list is their all new show ‘Cancelled’, a tragicomedy walking us through the life of 3 young Gen-z’s facing the umpteen challenges brought about by social media in the year 2020. While yet adjusting with age-old beliefs and trying to cope with the beliefs of Social media, the online masses spare no one when it comes to aggressively calling out and who better to be an alibi to this than the GenZ themselves. Promising to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and relatable content through ‘Cancelled’, the content house that is always raising the bar of story telling as they did with their previous groundbreaking series ‘Unseen’, a dark take on the status of mental health during the global pandemic. So brace yourselves for yet another power-packed series that is sure to touch the relatable chords and emotional strings of your 2020 mood while dabbing into societal commentary.

Natasha Malpani’s inspiration to create ‘Cancelled’ stemmed from the importance of bringing to life the very real struggles of the country through fiction and humor because after all it’s true when that say that you can find the most truth in fiction. ‘Cancelled is a fun series highlighting the various issues faced by the GenZ whilst being a real movement on the global cancel culture which will be highlighted through the life of the 3 GenZ’s . So its not just about entertainment. A part of the series is going to revolve around a group of GenZ’s coming together to start an Anti Cancel Club to try and help save a personality from wrongly getting cancelled before they themselves end up with a possibility of getting cancelled’, says Natasha, the pioneer behind the series.

Now streaming in Youtube, the web series is driven by the vision to spark change within the cancel culture and the appalling repercussions that tag along with social media. ‘Online behaviours have an offline impact. Stories have the potential to change the world but also to change ourselves and that’s where change starts’, says the enterprising and futurisique Natasha Malpani.

The blurring line between our online and offline lives, between insensitive and sensitive calling out and in-between coping with the expectations that tag along with the generation gap is the show ‘Cancelled’ that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Watch the series right here:

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