Anal Haq: Spoken Word Poetry By Vrinda Vaid

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Poetry seeps through your soul and evokes emotions that you did not think you were capable of feeling. Spoken word has the magic to captivate the listener and enthrall the speaker; all at once. When we have such a powerful tool at our disposal, we also have young firebrands like  Vrinda Vaid who use it to bring society’s attention to issues that need it the most. 

“Hum sab barabar hain”, says Vrinda but the very next moment laments the differences that we have developed. She calls herself nothing more than a common citizen of the country. And goes on to elucidate how it is this common citizen who goes on to decide the fate of the country by choosing the ‘hukoomat’, ie, the government. The power is in our hands!

She correlates everything to the protests going on at Shaheen Bagh. It is us who can bring about a change when we keep the solidarity intact. Vrinda zealously puts forward the case of the women of Shaheen Bagh, who go there every day with their kids. They want to be able to look into the eyes of their kids and tell them that they did resist. The zeal and passion that they are exhibiting is the true embodiment of an Indian, a Bhartiya, a Hindustani.

Vrinda says that this resistance is important so that the future generations do not have to fight for their rights. She represents this resistance with her poetry. Her words compel you to pause, absorb and then, think. Think, on the lines of’ Anal Haq’ – We are truth, We are God. Listen to Vrinda recite, explain and simplify her passionate poetry for all of us.

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