Can Writers Earn Enough Money?

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“Hazaron khwahishein aisi”, and fulfilling her khwahish of writing is poet Vrinda Vaid, who writes in Hindustani. Writing in the language that we use daily but overlook the utility of, she built a career for herself and inspired many others to ditch the safe and go for your passion. 

A young woman quoting Ghalib may be a rare sight today, still, Vrinda not only recites his couplets immaculately, but she also explains how his words are still relevant. “Zameeni taur par, hum sab ek hain” she hums as she remembers her father introducing her to ghazals. When all her friend tapped their feet to contemporary singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Vrinda was besotted by Abida Parveen. Her way was not easy, but that was the way she chose.

When she started writing in Hindustani, she used it as a point of venting. “I don’t write rosy stuff”, says Vrinda who uses her writing to resist and influence people around her. After her work got recognized at the Jaipur Literature Fest, she did not look back. This is her profession now, to write and perform and inspire people. She proudly states that she has not asked for monetary support from her family since she turned 18 and that is a huge achievement for someone who chose to tread the road not taken.

So, if you are still iffy about pursuing a career in an unconventional field,  watch Vrinda share her experience regarding how she monetized her passion while still retaining the sanctity of her art.

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