“Virat Kohli Featured My Viral Ad Film On His Instagram!”

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Is kicking a football around a real job? Can replicating Ronaldinho’s moves after watching his videos on loop be the correct way to form the foundation of someone’s career? Is it that difficult to carve a career out of your passion? A heartwarming talk with freestyle footballer, Nikhil Krishna, known as Nikk Freestyler, will tell you that you can do all that and more.

When Nikhil’s family see him on TV, doing ad films, they support him, but still do not consider what he does as his “job”. But he was never conventional. He never wanted to follow the herd, he wanted to lead a pack. And when Virat Kohli shared his video for the 40 million people who follow him on Instagram, Nikk’s talent really got noticed. That 20-second clip for endorsing energy drink gave him the much-needed visibility.  

Nikk has always believed in letting his work talk. “Tum kaam se jawab de sakte ho”, says Nikk and proves it right with everything that he has achieved at a very young age. His only complaint is the exploitation that happens with athletes and artists like him. In the name of giving exposure, people extract unpaid labour out of young talents like him but that does not help pay their bills. That is the reason Nikk wants to open his own agency, where he can give the new generation of freestylers the exposure and opportunity that they deserve. 

Like Nikhil, all of us have dreams. But how many of us actually chase those dreams? Watch Nikhil talk about his struggle, rights, and career goals and get inspired by this young fireball.

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