We Quit our Fancy Jobs to Venture into Policy Making

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Studying engineering, landing a high paying corporate job and settling down in a big city – this is the epitome of middle-class Indian aspirations. But what happens when you have achieved all that and more but you decide to give it all up for your passion? You become path-breakers like Aparajita and Rohit.

Politics is seen as something everyone has an opinion on but everyone looks down upon. It is something “good people” do not indulge in. So, when Rohit and Aparajita ventured into policy-making leaving behind their nine to five jobs, eyebrows were raised. But this was something that gave both of them happiness and satisfaction. When Rohit’s mother saw him getting enthusiastic about meeting with Sushama Swaraj regarding a petroleum policy brief, that is when she whole-heartedly accepted his new career.

Like Aparajita points out, we tend to get so comfortable in our lives that we forget to engage with the government. We think of politics as this puddle of muck we need to stay away from. But as recent times have proved, we need to demand action, we need to interact with the state. And that is what these young changemakers are trying to do- to get the youth to think politically.

What is evident from Aparajita and Rohit’s story is the fact that a zero less in your salary cheque is worth the satisfaction you gain from doing what you want to do. Listen to them, speaking their hearts out and inspiring all of us to go ahead and get out of our comfort zones.

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