Confused After College? Read How Someone In A Similar Situation Turned Her Life Around!

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How many times do you get positive feedbacks and business opportunities, but they are so good to be true that you outrightly say that maybe all the compliments are for someone else?

That is exactly what happened with Devyani Kapoor. When confronted with her “online fame” in terms of influencing fashion, she realized that maybe this is her calling. She wanted to “influence” people!

Devyani’s journey started with her seemingly tiny blog called From ‘Nowhere to Somewhere’ and she did not really think anyone was reading it, till Allen Solly contacted her and that is when it hit her, “ My blog actually took me somewhere”. That is when she took herself and her passion for fashion, writing, and business seriously.

Devyani’s mother had given her a piece of business advice that made quite an impression on her – to give herself at least 2 years and look at long term results. When she kickstarted her journey as an entrepreneur with her venture called Shuffling Suitcases, what she had with her was patience and passion. With such a deadly combination, Kolkata was ready to be enchanted by this young entrepreneur. When 2500 people flocked in instead fo the 70 odd people she expected, Devyani was ecstatic.

From not believing that people read her content online, to actually setting up showcases in Singapore, Dubai and New York, Devyani has scaled huge mountains. And even after all the success, her biggest reward is to see smiles on the faces of people.  Watch her smile her way through one of the talks we had with her.

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