‘Now I call bullshit out’: Anubha on growing up as a bullied kid

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“You’ll get tanned, it’s not good.” 

“It’s your age to play with barbies!” 

“What a rebel, getting tattoos and all han!” 

It is 2019. We’ve gone to Mars but we are still stuck up about gender roles and the stigma associated with anything that is even remotely queer.

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Ever since we’ve gained even a semblance of consciousness, people often “approve” some of our actions and “judge” us on the others. The conditioning starts as soon as we are born. Girls like pink, boys like blue. Girls like boys, boys like girls. Girls wear skirts, boys wear shorts. Girls play with dolls, boys with cars. It’s almost as if these little things form the ABC of the society that we live in.

But what if girls who wear blue and play with cars end up liking girls and boys? 

Anubha Sardana is one such badass and fiercely free woman, who does not give much of a damn about who expects her to do what. She lives out loud with this manic energy and goes on to tell us that as a child, she used to be a ‘tomboy’. She loved to play basketball, loved to go out for a swim, loved to play in the mud and never really liked Barbie dolls.

We all remember our teenage time don’t we? It was difficult, dark but it made us who we are today: strong and fierce. Here’s to teenage, years that make and break us!

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