Author: Sagarika Chakraborty

Happiness Today Is Momentary Like An Orgasm

2 min read According to a recent survey by the UN, India is one of the world’s most unhappy countries of the world.Our team took to the streets of Delhi to find out if Delhiites are happy or not. The point of discussion was to make people hit the pause button and take a little break.

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Mai apna favourite hu!

2 min read We went out to interact with young India asking them to describe what their life or zindagi was like. Of the most nihilistic answers that we received, some were rather palatable and this is what young India has to say about their life journeys

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This article is max level sanskari!

2 min read A country that holds a population of 133.92 crores skips a chapter on reproduction like it is a norm. Here is what young Indian’s have have to say about sex awarness in India.

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