From Engineering to becoming a Radio Jockey and Food Blogger

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You and I and everyone else we know are constantly following some or the other Youtuber. There is such a huge community of Youtubers now that they form a big part of our daily entertainment. But we often tend to underestimate what goes on behind the camera and how much effort it takes.

One such person is Rohan. On the one hand, he is an RJ and on the other, he’s a dedicated YouTuber who works even on his weekends. He tells us how he had stopped going for weddings because everyone would ask him what he was doing, and once he told them he’s interning, they’d come up with the classic taunt “engineering ke baad bhi naukri nahi mili?” From there to the point where he goes to every wedding on purpose because now the same uncles watch his videos regularly has been a long journey for him.

When you’re working a job on the weekdays and making Youtube videos on the weekends, you barely have enough time to breathe, leave anything else. It all started for Rohan when he made a short video of a small food joint and uploaded it on youtube, which eventually went on to receive 30k views and various comments that suggested that he was a fabulous food blogger. Ever since then he’s set off on a journey where he’s constantly blogging about food and is catering to the ever-increasing demands of his audience.

We wish him well for his journey and hope that he continues to get even more views and followers as time goes by!

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