Giving Up A Secure Job To Pursue Music Full Time

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“There was no ‘aha’ moment, rather it was a build-up to me realizing the true dream of my life.”

Being a high achiever, working at one of the most top global company’s and giving that all up to follow a career of uncertainty with sprinkles of satisfaction and passion for work wasn’t an easy journey for the young, 26 year old, Kanika Malhotra.

The musically inclined young Indian always debated pursuing her passion as her profession, she often contemplated studying music in the new future, but on her parent’s demand, young Kanika went on to complete her bachelors in an academic subject rather than that of her choice.

On graduating, like her peers, she was offered a corporate job that she accepted half-heartedly since her true love lied in music. But this only came to her notice when she was being promoted at work, something always looked forward to instead of looked down upon. She understood the hard work, tears, and extra time she would have to put into and how that would affect her time with music.

Mustering up all the courage she had. The young Indian took a 6 month sabbatical from her job only to walk on the uncertain path of music and envision how it would pan out for her eventually. Instead of waiting for opportunities to knock on her door, she went around knocking doors and reaching out to people for an opportunity, big/small to show her true talent. Having no godfather In the industry surely was a bane for the young Indian

But towards the end of the 6 months, she was never more in love with what she did, This not only got her to pursue music full time, but also got her to tour with some of the most famous and successful international artists.

Here’s Kanika’s story on how she didn’t wait for the ‘aha’ moment but made all the moments in her life ‘aha’.

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