Making Workplaces Queer Friendly #PrideMonth

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‘I was born and I knew I was gay’.

But like any other Indian child, beating the stereotypes and owning up to who he was, was difficult. Ashish Chopra, at the mere age of 6 began questioning himself because he wasn’t like his other boy friends and didn’t like what boys were ‘supposed’ to like.

But growing up and understanding who he is didn’t make it any easier for him because the young Indian was not only battling his thoughts but also his bullies. From being ganged up on and thrown like a ball to being called a chakka, he witnessed it all, with no one by his side.

With his parents fighting all the time, he didn’t wish to be yet another reason for them to fight so he fought this battle on his own. But did he emerge out of it with victory?

Ashish Chopra was his own army of soldiers and his own king and won this battle with flying colors.

Not only did he announce to the world who he truly is but also was a helping hand for several others to accept themselves. Going through this journey by himself he understood the importance of support, so he decided to create safe places for those who this society isn’t a safe place for. Be it a house party with cross dressed people or a full fledged parade at within the LGBTQI+ community, he did it all.

The proud and gay Indian, till date believes the reason he bagged his job was because of the same reason he was bullied during his child hood. Within 5 months of his job he had his first pride parade at office creating yet one more safe place within a corporate community. Something unheard of and not seen in India.

Ashish Chopra is a strong believer of self love and urges all battling themselves to stop and realize you are fabulous the way you are.  The young and proud to be gay Indian is transforming India one safe place at a time and here’s what he has to tell you.

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