What’s Up With Our News? Hear It From Andre Borges

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Professions have changed dramatically over the years, journalism being one of them, we’ve witnessed a major paradigm shift- “The right wing media is fully focused on the right wing, the left wing media is fully focused on the left wing, there is never an informed and well detailed place of information for the daily average consumer” points out, Andre Borges, a new age journalist for the new age youth.

The young Indian voices his opinion on the mainstream media and how it is focusing on staying ‘afloat’ as no one is paying for good journalism any more, instead, what’s being presented now is this amalgamation of marketing content, journalism and money, a big cluster of false info and fake new and disinformation, a place of agenda setting that is run around the fingers of Government organizations and Private Funds.

Andre Borges, the unequivocal journalist doesn’t shy away from manifesting the behind the scenes of how todays journalism has transformed from the hard core truth it used to be decades ago to how it has now just became a portal of information presented with several filters. He underlines how due to the fierce and spiteful competition among the big journalism houses, the news shared is always meddled with, making it as dramatic and appealing to the audience as possible. He insists, “Try and verify the information from other places, they all add a tinge a salt and a tinge of agenda “.

The young Indian also stands a strong believer on how journalism is further going to evolve in the future, making way for freelance journalists like Faye Dsouza and local news channels, since they’d be fairly touched by government or multinational corporations, rendering them as the most trustable sources on the internet tomorrow. 

The valiant young Indian, Andre Borges, offers a better understanding on the prism of news that we are receiving today, urging all to ignite each’s moral compass and here’s how you can do it.

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