9 Surgeries Couldn’t Break Me Because My Junoon For Life Was Big Enough

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Sanskriti Sandwar, a young chirpy girl who was unaware of the upcoming storm in life suffered a fate no one can ever imagine. On one fine day in the year 2016, she was returning home when her vehicle collided with a truck. After few moments, her body was all covered in blood, her right arm crushed and all she knew that she was breathing.

Immediately, she was taken to a local hospital but due to her grave condition she was airlifted to a hospital in Coimbatore.  She spent around 3 months in that hospital, everyday wondering about the fate she suffered. After 9 major surgeries and 15 units of blood transfusion, her condition showed some betterment. With tireless efforts of doctors and medical staff there she got her second chance to live.

Trapped for months in the hospital, she screamed, she cried but, in that pain, she learnt the true meaning of life. Everyday she woke up with a gratefulness towards her parents, her caretakers and the positive aura she was feeling around her.

The accident turned her whole life upside down. Utilising her rebirth, she learnt to write with her left hand, picked up her studies again and got admission into a decent college. When some people pity her for the deformity, she reminds herself of the journey she covered and how much courage it took to stand once again with utter pride and a sparkling smile. She is proud of that smile, because she saw death very closely yet was adamant to live and fought for it real hard.

Her body might be scarred but her heart shines with confidence every day. Those scars determined the purpose of her life and how much she still has to achieve. She wants to create a safe space for underprivileged people where they live their life with dignity and respect. For this cause she is teaching those kids as a volunteer with a social work club and inspiring them with her story and life lessons.

Also, she wants to travel the whole world to compensate her days in the hospital.

May we all find courage like Sanskriti in our lives when things go downhill!

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  1. Sanskriti you are a fighter beta. You are a strong daughter and sister to strong parents and a loving brother. I have seen you come out of that trauma. Hsts off to your courage . All our best wishes to you dear .Stay blessed always.

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