Dealing With The Loss Of Someone Special

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A heartbreak, demise of a loved one and a wave of depression and anxiety disorder shapes life of our girl, Ishita Dev.

It all started in March 2018, when her grandmother, who was her backbone, got paralysed. Everyday she used to come back home from her school only to find her grandmother lying on a bed with medical equipment and it crumbled her heart.

But soon, she passed away leaving her heartbroken which turned her life upside down. At that time her boyfriend was one of her greatest support in such a terrible time but just in span of few days she realised he was cheating on her giving her another reason to grieve. For her it felt like crashing of her life and she stood silently watching her own destruction.

Her mind was numb after two tremendous incidents. At first, she was unaware of the things happening in her head. She thought it was all because of the pain. But soon she realised that sleeping all day, missing classes, crying uncontrollably out of no reason, sever panic attacks and suicidal thoughts is not a sign of normal condition. As both of her parents are working, she often had to suffer it all alone. One day, a family doctor visited her and considering her condition he advised her to visit a counsellor. This was a turning point for her gloomy days. After meeting the psychiatrist, she was diagnosed with Depression and anxiety disorder and those traumas triggered it to such an extent that she was in dark pit and needed to be rescued soon.

Her counselling started and she obediently followed the instructions of the counsellor, visited regularly and was ready to accept the recovery process. Her immense strength and a positive attitude were the greatest weapons in her battle. Slowly and steadily she was very close to win the race, and in few months she actually won. Her bravery and determination pulled her out of the closed box and gave her a new perspective and motive in life which was equivalent to a new life.

As she states “before all these I was very immature person but this life lesson turned me into a better version of myself who is happy, serene and responsible”. She took charge of her life, her happiness and now she is blooming like a flower ready to spread positivity and happiness all around!

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