5 doodles you need to see if you belong to the 21st century!

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We stumbled upon Alia’s Instagram and realized that through her art, she is defining a #NewLove- one that goes beyond not just gender labels, but a lot more. We took a few of those graphics and combined them with different kinds of love people feel and the result was all things warm and nice: 

  1. Paw-Love

“I have a pet, his name is whiskey. Every morning, there is no face I’d rather see, no nose I’d rather boop and no paws I’d rather play with, except him. It’s just so easy to be around him, he gets me, you know. He just gets me.”

     2. Embracing ‘em insecurities

“Yar, it’s so difficult to come to terms with who you are and accept the demons inside. Luckily, I know that I’m the only person who will be there for myself in the end and hence I know that every part of my mind and body needs to be nurtured.”

3. Long distance- online walla love

“I met him on Tinder. We met a couple of times when he was around in Delhi. But now he mostly lives in Varanasi. Do you know the fun bit? We rarely talk on WhatsApp. It’s always Snapchat. I send him snaps of whatever I’m doing with a caption reply and he does the same, it becomes a conversation. I hate the distance of course, but thank god for the internet.” 

4. Pyaar dosti hai!

“Dude, she’s my best friend. There are so many things I’d never speak about to my guy friends but with her, it’s so easy. I can be the dramatic person that I am without being judged. And also, there is something about having a girl- best friend than having a girlfriend that makes it so much more interesting!”

5. No Strings attached! 

“I’m a girl and I don’t mind meeting guys just for sexual stuff. I mean, young hu dude, what’s the problem if I don’t want to invest in anyone emotionally and still enjoy life? It’s such a no-stress situation for me- meet people, have a great time and end it before it gets anything complicated.”

There is no medium better than art to express ideas and habits. Follow Alia on Instagram for more such cool doodles and artwork on life, experiences, and relationships in general. 

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