Looks like there’s more to Tinder than casual dates: Bhuvi and Sunny ring the wedding bells

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“I wasn’t even looking for a love match. I was just on Tinder swiping left and right for fun. It was the first time I swiped right for a guy who didn’t even have a bio and look how that’s turned out to be.” *smiles*

It was tinder-bells for the couple in 22nd April 2017 when Sunny swiped right and boom here was a match! It’s like one of those Bollywood storylines you see, they meet over drinks, get to know each other, the guy takes an international tour and the judai moment makes them realise, “haan, yahi pyaar hai.” That’s the short story of Bhuvi and Sunny’s dreamy love story. A right swipe, a couple of beers, a London visit, wedding bells and now a happily married couple. 

If you’re someone who thinks online dating can get creepy, you’re not alone! If you’re someone who genuinely wants to find true love but isn’t sure if that’s ever going to happen over a dating app, you’re not alone! We asked Bhuvi and Sunny a few questions that we are genuinely concerned and curious about in the 21st century. 

How long should one wait before going on a date? 

How can women be cautious while online dating? 

Does online dating really work? 

Is online dating something I should be guilty about? 

We asked them a few such questions, and here is what they had to say! 

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