Your Workouts Can Save The Planet, Here’s How!

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Within a hundred years of discovery, plastic has successfully caused the messiest havoc on planet earth choking the environment and slowly killing it’s living beings. Even after decades of recognising the core issue with plastic, industries continue to use it at a large scale while governments fail to implement blanket bans. 

While many of us feel deeply disturbed when we read about this sad reality on the internet some selective individual chooses to do a little more than online outraging.

Abhimanyu Chrabarty, a young climate activist who found a unique way to battle the impossible. 

The 33-year-old came up with an initiative called Plaggo India, where people jog to help the environment. Yes, you got it right! Well, confused? Relax, he isn’t talking about jogging to work. 

At Plaggo India, he introduced the concept of plogging- Jogging while you pick up-trash

“While we jog, we pick up trash, and the of distance covered, calories burnt, and the amount of trash collected become a viable measure for the environmental impact created by us”

Turns out, the best way to combat climate degradation is to put on some sports shoes. This genius figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone. While pulling people out of their beds compelled them to stay fit, active and healthy, picking up trash adds to their environmental consciousness.

Every time someone picks up trash from the roads, it forces them to think twice before littering public places. 

“People spend a lot of time questioning what should be done, instead of focussing on what they can do. Environmental impact is clearly not something that can be achieved by simply drafting action plans on paper, we need people to participate and start becoming the solution to the problem.“

Abhimanyu has successfully taken his initiative to five countries on a bike ride. He trotted across several states working with young people, children, NGOs etc engaging communities and spreading his message.

 It isn’t easy to combat the widespread apathy towards plastic pollution but thankfully this mad hatter is on a mission to put an end to this insanity. This climate missionary has been working tirelessly towards bringing a big change, and indeed, it is his small steps that count.

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