The Future Needs More Leaders- Are You Ready To Be One?

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During these ever-changing times, the world is battling with newfound issues every day. While the solution to a major number of global issues can be found with the guiding light of technology, there is something about humans that continue to make them the epicentre of modern economies.

Along with the innumerable possibilities, the future is likely to hold complex issues that will be dealt with young professionals. The past two decades saw an increasing preference for practical and technical knowledge. Professionals today are seeking an education that not only prepares them for their career, but also brings them closer to their dream industry.

With an increasing number of skilled job-seekers in the market, along with technology competing in the same ques, the question remains, what makes you different?

The era of smartphones, smart TVs and smart TVs seeks more than just skilled professionals. 

There is a demand for thoughtful individuals who can outsmart technology by sound decision making, and have the capability to bring sustainable changes in the current industrial ecosystems. They are the changemakers, the leaders of tomorrow.

‘Leaders are not just managers, or people holding a position of power. Leadership is a mindset, that displays adaptability, flexibility and generates novel solutions that cater to diverse needs’. 

Almost 42 per cent young individuals are below the age of 25 in India, out of which a majority will be seen holding positions in corporate offices and managerial boards in the next decade.

In this situation, what we need are individuals who can take up the challenge and steer this mammoth-sized workforce in the right direction such that novel ideas and workable solutions to everyday problems can be brought on the table.

The world is looking upon their younger generations for solutions of today and tomorrow, but what this generation desperately needs are leaders who can bring the right fodder to work on. 

The urgency for bringing in more leaders in the workspace must be recognised by both young professionals who are all geared up to be a part of the workforce and mentors who are understand the professional world and its problems. 

Individuals need to focus on expanding and exploring their skills and strengths. Things like interpersonal skills and communication skills that have been ignored by mainstream educators for the longest time need to given utmost priority. 

Leaders are global citizens who will bring solutions to problems both old and new, and stand against global issues like unemployment and climate crisis.

Young people who can cultivate the habit of looking at the world with a holistic lens, and thrive on intrinsic motivation can become the leaders of the new age, the flagbearers of tomorrow.

‘We the Young is a new age media platform that recognizes the need for ‘Change Makers for The Future’.  To bridge the gap between potential young leaders and professionals we have come up with an initiative called the New Age Leadership Programme’

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