What makes Pinkcy Balhara stand out as an unsung sportswoman of India?

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Everything about the 20 year old Pincky Balhara defines what a true sportswoman is like! When the passion of sports and the vigour of a woman meet, what we see is a story like that of Pincky’s where she went on to bag a silver medal in an unheard sport for India despite the demise of her grandfather, brother and father ten days before the game. She made the country proud by winning India’s highest Asian Games medal in a game called Karuash. Here you need to throw your opponent by holding a towel around his/her waist (yes, we’re shok toooo!). 

She was gearing up for the game but she lost three of her family members in a span of one month before the game. Her academy team including her uncle supported her and gave her the push to go on and fulfill her father’s dreams. After her father’s demise, she only had five days left in hand to practise. As quoted byTimes of India, Pincky says, “I had to go to the gym to lose weight from 58 kg for my 52 in 5 days and had to go to the gym at night so that people don’t judge me.” Her uncle would tell people that she’s been crying all day so he is taking her out for some fresh air and then would take her to the gym! 

She did end up fulfilling her father’s dream and making the nation proud with her enduring spirit. The game she picked up, the path she took and the way she came out as a winner is something that will be remembered in the history of Indian sports as a glorifying moment! 

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