Beyond Gully Boy(s)- Cecilia Mangte, the new rapper girl in town!

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My father punched me one right and abandoned my family. I asked him to never come back, and guess what, he never did! I was not only left with a hurting chin to fix, but also the mental trauma, family’s condition and shattered dreams to take care of! I was 14 and working! 

I was born and brought up in Delhi. When my father left us, I was 13. I had to take up a part time job as a waitress to fund my schooling. From working the tables at night to being signed by a label last year, it’s been a long, long journey! 

Music is not just a medium through which I vent, it’s also something that gives me so much joy. It’s like creating something out of nothing! I first performed in 2016 at the North Indian Festival- I still remember that day very vividly. My mother always wanted me to quit the music society and when I refused to do so, she stopped supporting me financially. But here I was, a mic in front, thousands of people waiting to hear me rap- it was a life changing moment!

That’s my story, the story of a girl who never quit, never left and now is ready to take on more! Everyone’s heard of the Gully Boy, it’s now time to hear Cecilia Mangte. 

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  1. Nice story. NE represent!

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