The Journey Of An Engineer Wearing A Digital Marketer’s Hat

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Amit Dhawan, the young 28 year-old Indian, was your regular Indian on the block following the path of engineering and fulfilling the dream of ‘mera beta engineer banega’, something almost every Indian parent has wished for somewhere down the line.

Although the young Indian didn’t have the best scores at his engineering entrance examination but when Samsung decided to pay a visit to his university, offering the highest package his university had ever seen, he knew this was his moment to shine. With little hope of actually bagging the job, the young Indian mustered up the courage and interviewed in front of six Koreans and two Indians.

Soon, Amit was offered the job and placed in Korea straight from his college in Gurgaon, what he recalls as a ‘dream come true’.

But whose dream was this?

Amit recalls going from the scorching 35 degrees Celsius Delhi weather to a whopping – 25 degrees Celsius Korean weather, but how long before the cold that gives you chills begins to cut your skin off?  It wasn’t long before the cold hit Amit and gave him time to think about what he truly wanted to do with his life.

From quitting his job at Samsung to joining a startup back in India and rolling as an intern surly didn’t sit well with his family and those around him. “Although they didn’t say anything to me on my face, I could see the disappointment in their eyes”, recalls Amit.

Quitting his job at an MNC to interning at a startup to moving up the ladder as a digital marketing innovator, it all started in 2015 for the young Indian. However, from there on he moved to another startup that was even younger than the one he worked at previously. “Leaving a small company and going to work at an even smaller company, great progress” thought his parents as he moved to join what is now one of India’s premier digital marketing companies known as ‘Sociowash’.

Amit has only one thing to say to all those contemplating taking the plunge and quitting that mundane draining job “you shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks if you are looking at finding happiness for yourself because you can easily find money, but its very difficult to find fulfilment in the work you do”. So if you’re looking for a sign to quit your job and follow what truly makes you happy, here it is and this is how Amit Dhawan, the young digital marketer did it.

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