The Story of Twin Towers raising their voices with Beat-Boxing

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They might be new on the block but it wont be time before they steal your hearts away! Meet the beat boxers of the hour, Adit and Aman, two young Indians that ventured into their passion at the mere age of 14.

YouTube being their school and Alem and Skiller, the two world champions of beat boxing being their source of inspiration, the duo Adil and Aman simply started out by imitating lip movements of various artists, only to notice the sound that they created was similar to that of the artists.

From rewinding-pausing-zooming a video for almost 16-17 hours a day, the duo left no leaf unturned in mastering their skill.

Their newest track, ‘Jamia the protest anthem’ that speaks about unity and peace, stepping away from religion and law, got them invited by Gulbarga to sing and perform the song. Their track being one of the performances amongst avid speakers tickled their fancy. On performing the song, as Aman has to say, “People went crazy”. Their first performance, that’s suppose to be a rookie performance turned out to be a crowd pleaser, making it almost impossible for the duo to get out of the venue with the audience roaring their names and following them till their hotel.

“It was not just a great experience because of the love from the audience but what stood out most to us was that beat boxers are making this happen, something that is looked at only as a prop in India”, say Aman and Adil as they pave way for beat boxing in a society surrounded by commercial tunes.

This young Indian duo is now the only duo to have made it on a rap reality show. From performing for their family to performing for the biggest names in the industry like Raftaar, Nucleya, Naezy, Rajkumari, etc, the duo sure knows what it feels like to perform in front of those that once taught you the craft.

Aman and Adil, the young beat boxers of India have one thing and only one thing to say to all those following their passion, “If you’re enjoying doing something you don’t need to leave it, you might have a lot of problems and excuses to deal with, but you don’t need to stop” and here is how the sibling duo didn’t stop reaching out to their dream.

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