Indian audience loses it over this guy’s take on politics

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It’s that time of the year again where you’ll see politicians the most active, people yelling and questioning on the news, promises and accusations being made in thin air, roads being blocked with rallies and the internet being full of ideas and opinions- it’s election time!

Artists, especially the comedians are taking over the internet with their quirky takes and laughter riots. There is a man who is currently trending because of his comic act focusing on the Indian elections. In his recent Netflix show- The Patriot Act, this American stand-up comedian, Hasan Minhaj turned his gaze towards his origin, India.

He talks about how his Muslim name rings a bell of being a terrorist or maybe a Pakistani spy. Cracking a joke about Pakistan’s response to the Balakot strike by calling it an eco-terrorism, this comedian takes hard many serious issues such as the failure of demonetization, rising unemployment, India’s farmer crisis, immigration and the state of the minority in India.

From calling PM Modi a hugger and the only PM who has never attended a press conference to referring to Rahul Gandhi for political royalty, this 34-year-old, uses carefully worded content that sometimes comes with sharp attacks. He describes CM yogi Adityanath as a monk with a gun while catching Shashi Tharoor for the murder accusation.

“This is every desi living room talking about politics,” Hasan said while mocking a dog fight between the panel members of a news channel.  “But this election is much more than that” Hasan adds. This election is not only about winning or losing elections. But, it is about the very belief that India is a Hindu nation, which completely goes against secularism, enshrined in the Indian constitution.

Talking about politics in India can get anyone into trouble especially when someone is an Indian and a Muslim. This show has set twitter on fire. Many people have loved it by describing it as better researched and more in-depth by most of the news shows, while some people condemned Hasan by telling him to go to Pakistan.

The way he put forward very serious issues can make you laugh and feel stricken at the same time of the extent of the stupidity of the acts. Hasan Minhaj   how to play with words and facts explicitly. His expressions perfectly complement his speech. The episode sums up the entire politics of India in just 29 minutes which is absolutely eye-opening and jaw-dropping, counting him among the TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019. 

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