Politics only a game for the old and experienced? Heck no!

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With the election fervor still on, issues around politicians, in general, are also doing the rounds. You know it the twenty-first century when a twenty-five-year-old contests elections. Young India is unafraid to battle the veterans and are hustling in the road towards a change. Not to say that they’re all sweet and nice netas with a clean record, but they’re at it: 

Prakash Jarwal: (25-year-old)

This 25-year-old young leader left his well paying job at an MNC to join the anti-corruption movement in 2011. The youngest Aaam Admi Party neta, Prakash is currently representing Deoli constituency in the Delhi state legislature and has recently been to jail for an ‘alleged’ assault.

Sarita Singh: (28-year-old)

Colleges now have become an important sight of discussions and ideas, especially when it comes to policy and politics. Coming from the same student politics culture Sarita is the incumbent president of Chhatra Yuva Sangarsh Samiti, the student’s wing of Aam Aadmi Party. She was the 6th female MLA elected to the legislative assembly of Delhi by winning February 2015 elections. 

Arun Verma: (33-year-old)

At the age of 25,  Arun Verma became India’s 2nd youngest MLA from Rajasthan Legislative assembly. An awardee of Adarsh Yuva Vidhayak Puruskar, he is identified as one of the closest ones to  CM Akhilesh Yadav and also a member of his team ‘eleven’. Belonging to a middle-class family of Uttar Pradesh, Verma did his basic education from a government school. He draws inspiration from his father who was himself a pradhan of his village. 

Dushyant Chautala: (31-year-old)

Dushyant Chautala has achieved multiple milestones at the age of 31. Representing the Hisar constituency at the age of 26  he became the youngest lawmaker in the history of Lok Sabha. This young member of Indian National Lok Dal is also the founder of Jannayak Janta Party. Being the grandson of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Om Prakash Chautala, politics runs in his blood.

Dr. Heena Gavit: (30-year-old)

Affiliated to a political family, Dr. Heena Gavit chose politics as a career at the age of 25 by joining the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and defeating the 9-time MP from Nandurbar. She has recently been attacked by some protestors. Politics is said to be a difficult space, particularly for women but she has proved them all wrong by fighting all the repression. 

Yes, politics in India is not an easy ball game. There are crimes, there are accusations and there are lies- but the young aware Indian knows how to move beyond them. As it is rightly said, “If you don’t like the system, get into it and then change it the way you want to” and these and many other young guns are at it!

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