“I’m Proud Of Who I Am” Says Meera, a 21 Year Old TransWoman From Delhi

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In a society where transgenderism is treated like a virus, an infective agent that typically consists of ‘insane’ in a ghost body, is too small to be seen by society’s judgmental eyes, and is able to bring shame on the family name, Meera Singhania, a young Indian, was just another drop in the ocean trying to identify herself and bury her non stereotypical feelings because of her transphobic family.

We live in a country where gender is viewed as two sides to a coin, either male or female, but what happens when you lose the toss? You have to associate with the side you attain for the rest of your life even though it is the wrong side for you.

Meera like any other young Indian child, was taught, blue is for boys and pink is for girls, cars are for boys and Barbie dolls are for girls, but instead of playing cricket with boys, during her childhood she yearned to play dress up with Barbie’s.

While growing up Meera didn’t luck out either. She felt trapped in her own body with no one to turn to, struggling in her not so ‘masculine’ behaviour feeling isolated and every-now-and-then taunted by her family members.

This not so temporary feeling stuck with her even through her journey of owning up to who she is, accepting it and being proud of it. A large chunk of the reason behind it is the orthodox and uneducated stereotypical mentality washed down upon our society blindly. But young and determined Meera Singhania did not give up.

From fighting herself to fighting society for herself, here’s how, Meera Singhania, the powerful and young 21-year old, who now is a proud binary trans Indian women, did it.

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