Cancer Is Hurricane Mixed With Little Sunshine: Hear It From Someone Battling It

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There is always a moment in our life that makes us question our purpose and changes our perspective on how we view ourselves. For Harshvardhan, the young Indian, that moment was when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Blindsided by misconceptions, surrounded by grudges, when young Harshvardhan walked in for his ‘diagnoses of death’ he may have walked out with cancer but to his surprise it was a walk with family and friends fueling him with love and support. 

Its often said, the toughest of situations may come and go, what compels you hold your ground are your loved ones, lucky for Harshvardhan, through his ongoing battle of fighting cancer, as days turned into nights his friends turned into his extended family. No matter what, they were always there for him, to entertain and support him through every step of the way and for Harshvardhan that was the only possible cure to his cancer.

We often live life for tomorrow- planning and worrying about where life is going to take us, what we cease to forget is the umpteen proposes to live for today. Carpe diem, they say? That’s exactly what Harshvardhan, the cancer warrior mastered through cancer.

However, due to chemotherapy, the young Indian’s positive spirit was crushed when his hair began to fall off. Apart from the physical pain it caused him, without his hair he felt mentally broken.

You’ve always been a king and now it’s time to act like one, we’re all your soldiers and we will only be strong and composed if our King is strong and composed, it’s just so long before we win this battle and you lead us to victory’ These golden words of fatherly wisdom stuck Harshvardhan with a ray of hope and the power to not give up.

5 of his friends and relatives went bald along with him, holding his hand through his battle of cancer and that’s the moment, Harshvardhan realized he wasn’t alone. His soldiers were fighting alongside him.

Harshvardhan is yet battling his dreaded enemy and here’s how he’s wearing his heart on his sleeves and courage on his sword.

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