I Gave Up A Fancy Corporate Life To Work In The Development Sector

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Who says it has to be only heads or tails when you can have both?

Kena Shree, a young Indian who is today a writer, storyteller, theatre artist and is dabbling between her 9-5 job, once believed she would fall prey to society’s career>passion lifestyle.

But little did she know on what life had mapped out for her. A strong inspiration to million aspirants like her who are being forced to choose between their passion or their career, today, she stands as a strong advocate on the umpteen reasons why one should not give up their passion/career for the other.

However, it all didn’t start off like rainbows. There was a lot of rain and thundering in her journey of where she is today.

‘when I started my career in HR, I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it, the job was my everything’. But amidst all these dreams of hers, writing kept her alive, to her, writing was like breathing, without which she wouldn’t be able to survive.

Due to her job, she was posted in a quiet isolated city in India, while her friends were posted at high end companies, all the partying and nigh life appealed to her since after all she was in her early 20’s, but to her surprise, the isolation taught her the true value of friends, family, something the nightlife at an urban city could only dream of teaching.

As nights turned into days, the young Indians seeked comfort in reading and writing, turning her ‘late-night thoughts’ into words of solace, while she witnessed her friends party their nights away. But sooner or later she witnessed something even more graver. Knowingly or unknowingly she witnessed her friends give up their careers in order to pursue their passion or visa versa that only left her with one pecking question of why couldn’t it be both?

Eager to continue her writing whilst securing her job, she sooner than later understood although she needed to do both, it may require some rule bending. Although that meant 48 hours of work in 24 hours, she went all in to keep her passion alive.

But amidst all this hocus and bucus she is a strong believer of seizing what’s now.

She may miss certain assignments but so what ? jo chod diya toh Kya, jo hath mei hai who though apna hai?

Heres how Kena Shree went fro following rules to bending the rules of society.

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