Backstage Se Bollywood Tak: A Story Of Hundred Rejections!

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Life in a metro can be super complicated for actors who dream to make it big someday. The not so glamorous days include endless auditions, sitting through rehearsals and of course reliving the rejection nightmare. The struggle is quite real in B-town.

But can the fear of failure keep young aspirants from pushing their dream? What does it take to become a star in a world of falling comets? Rohan Khurana confirms that there is definitely no such thing as falling out of luck in the acting world. Stars aren’t made overnight, and it is always hard work that pays off.

The young actor, who was recently seen in Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad shares how acting wasn’t something that happened to him in one night. He spent years nurturing and training himself before he got his big break.

Rohan’s acting career followed an unusual and irregular path, a journey that beset with multiple difficulties. But a few hiccups here and there could not stop him from chasing his true dream!

Prithvi was a major milestone in Khurana’s acting career. However, his initial days with the theatre group were not so easy. For three long months, he did nothing but backstage work. He wasn’t assigned a single role.

‘For three months, I did even step on the stage. I would just bring tea for other people, or manage cues in the absence of other actors. One fine day, Bijon sir called me and assigned me a character. I became a lantern in that production!’

The first role came at least six months later, but it wasn’t late enough to distant Rohan from his true calling. Next came the ten successful productions at Prithvi that confirmed that acting was where his heart truly belonged.

But entering the world of commercial acting wasn’t easy either. Rohan spent an entire year auditioning for over a hundred ad films but did not manage to get even one.

 ‘I realised that mindless auditioning was not going to take me anywhere’

The rejections were setbacks that pulled him down momentarily, only to catapult this talented individual to fame. The following year, Rohan auditioned for roles that he felt he truly fitted in, and this landed him into at least seventeen ads.

His’s career hit its first sixer when his ad got featured amidst the India vs South Africa World Cup. His overjoyed mother could not believe watching her son on the big screen. He got scores of congratulatory messages, it was as if the entire world saw him.

But how many would have realised that this star wasn’t made overnight!

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