How A Camera Became The Cure To Bullying #MyMentalHealthStory

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Have you ever wanted to fit in so bad that you ended up isolated not only from your friends but also from yourself?

It is basic human instinct for us to belong, be it a school group, project team, college gang. But what happens when the need to belong turns into a cause of bullying? Kirti Narayan was like every other young Indian girl trying to fit in but her all girls school didn’t make it easy for her.

They say a one sex school is a breeding ground for bullying and Kirti stood witness to it. From doing their homework to helping out in tests, her toxic relationship with her so called ‘friends’ was far off from being a friendship.

But when does one realize it is no longer an attempt to friendship but toxic bullying?

Having cut outs of her face stuck on washroom doors with nasty things written to having being called mental, Kirti witnessed it all. She was afraid to seek professional help with the mere thought that all the tags her bullies assigned to her about being mental would come true.

From wishing to drop out of school, the young Indian mustered up courage within her and passed out of school with a mindset of forgetting the past and focusing on the future. With a distraction in need and a stream to channel all her time and energy into, her father gifted her something that was about to change her life.

That very gift became her best friend and made her win awards at the young age of 18. She is now a strong believer that diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, cameras are.

Kirti’s life was remolded because of her camera. Her work was an illustration of her voice and here’s how she transformed from a victim of bullying to the youngest canon photo marathon winner.

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