Homophobia Made Me Suicidal At Age Eight

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Homophobia is 21st century’s biggest voluntary crime and 16 year old, Rose Alyx Vixen, fell prey to it when she accidently kissed a girl and liked it.

Residing in Australia, at the mere age of 8 Rose identified as pansexual. Coming out to her mother was one of the most heartbreaking moments of this brave Indians life. “My mother told me that going to kick me out of the house when I turn 18 and before I leave, I’d have to kill both her and dad”, recalled rose.

Hailing from an orthodox Malyalm-Christian family, Rose’s family is extremely homophobic and anything to do with homosexuality is a taboo in her family. Being brought up with such heavy religious values, took a toll on her mental health.

“When I learnt the way I felt was sinful, I just turned to god and pleaded him to get me out of this. I thought I had to end my life because my life is sinful”, recalled Rose as she contemplated suicidal thoughts at the age of 8.

The young Indian who is now 16 years old, continually faced homophobia in her Christian community that shaped her into pushing herself away from Christianity. Believing that there yet is a superior being looking after her and loving her regardless of who she is, is what is keeping her going.

Jesus said, “love others like I have loved you” and that is the motto that Rose is living and loving herself and others with.

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