The Fairytale Of A Cancer Survivor

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Cancer is like a hurricane but the sunshine through it all is what keeps you going.

Rachel Pereira, a young 24 year old Indian was diagnosed with cancer at the mere age or 21. “when the doctors told me I had cancer, I ran out of the hospital and started crying next to a coconut vendor because I couldn’t come to terms with it”, recalled Rachel as she looked back at the moment her life came crashing down.

From there on, the battle wasn’t easy but she had her guards battling alongside her that made sure she would emerge victorious. Renvin, her right man, always asked her, “who is the winner?” every time she felt low, that not only lifted her spirits but also helped her put on her brave face to fight the enemy.

Not soon enough, within Rachel’s first chemotherapy session, her hair began falling off. The hair she took immense pride in left her and so did her self esteem. Eventually the young Indian had to shave her head off completely. “I remember I couldn’t even open my eyes and then Renvin said he was going to get some things and he came back with his head shaved too”, recalled Rachel. Once again, her guards rose up to the occasion and didn’t let her give into the battle.

12th July 2018, the doctors diagnosed Rachel as cancer free and when she called Renvin, the only words he could muster up with tears of joy were, “who’s the winner?”

Renvin never missed an opportunity to make Rachel feel like the queen she is as he proposed to her at her favorite Brian Adams concert.

This may not be a tale straight out of your favorite movie but is sure to steal your hearts away and give you butterflies. “Renvin always says that when we’re thrown into an ocean we truly realize how strong we are”, says Rachel and this is her ever-inspiring journey.

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