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Note: The following article has been written by Raghavi Singhal, a young content enthusiast who had joined us for the Youth Leadership Programme in the summer of 2020.

Love always finds its way.

Nowadays, people are so busy with their rigorous and mundane lifestyles as a result of which, love has taken a backseat. Almost half of the youngsters my age have never fallen in love because either they were too busy clearing the IIT/NEET exams or they do not believe in the concept of true love.

Even I haven’t completely been able to understand the idea of love, but at least I am constantly trying to figure it out.

Long gone are the days when families used to find potential brides and grooms with assistance from the matchmakers. Even though Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking has managed to intrigue me and gather my attention, I still find it hard to imagine myself going through the highly pressurizing and judgmental process.

With the advent of technology, a whole new world of possibilities and options has opened for today’s generations in the form of dating apps. The concept behind the latter and the former is the same, two strangers meet each other and talk about things that matter to them and life.

So why should I be apprehensive if it finds me through a dating app?

Online dating is an ideal and effective approach providing an escape from the unwanted awkwardness and nervousness on first meetings without being judged especially for introverts as you have an option to remove your match with a person that you don’t connect with. It’s an easier and flexible filtering process that is based on your choices. Especially apps like Bumble, which provide the women with an upper hand by giving them the chance to make the first move. Moreover, it has made survival possible in the time of lockdown and battle loneliness. Even if you are someone who is interested in casual dating, you have the liberty to do so without worrying about anyone and choose from a variety of options.

But why is there a stigma behind swiping right?

This is probably because there are two categories of people on these apps, first are the ones who are on the platform to find genuine connections, and the second are those who are indulged in the concept of casual dating. It is due to the latter that the individuals who use these apps are under the constant scrutiny of their society and their peers, often seen as immoral and desperate. People are more direct and expressive on these apps but sometimes this can be an issue of concern and distrust.

Finding like-minded people on these apps is not a cakewalk, but trust me it is worth the effort on the conquest to find true love.

Because isn’t it the experience that counts?

The positive side to these avenues is that you come across different perspectives that build your personality and viewpoint. They give you a chance to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. Even if you suffer a few rejections in life, which I guess everybody has, it will only make you stronger and better equipped to face these situations in the coming future.

You don’t know what the destiny in store for you, and being alone feels terrible, so what’s the harm in trying to fill the void with swiping right?

Trust me, it’s a cruel world out there, and who knows you might get lucky.

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