Women crushing stereotypes under the wheels of their bikes!

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Turns out diamonds aren’t actually a woman’s best friend! Dreams and actions are! 

The twenty-first century Indian woman is not just redefining what it means to be a woman working in the public space, but some women are also crushing those stereotypes with the tires of their bike. They strongly believe that a bike knows no gender when it comes to the rider. 

  1. Anam Hashim

Anam, now a known name and face in the national biker circuit, Anam is the first Indian woman to ride to the Ladakh’s Khardung La. The interesting trivia here is her ride wasn’t one of those fancy Royal Enfields but a TVS Scooty! Her passion and interest in professional biking and stunts were mustered during her growing up years. She did face a lot of criticism initially but as she scaled new heights, it all turned into appreciation. Anam,  like all of us, is a dreamer, one who kept chasing her dreams until the society was left with no choice but to fuel her talent. 

  1. Roshni Sharma 

Roshni was India’s first woman to travel from the extreme south to the extreme north- Kanyakumari to Kashmir! She herself was apprehensive of people’s support to her a solo female biker with an ambitious plan, but nonetheless, whoever met her got swayed by her determination and her journey was filled with warmth and praise from the locals of all the roads she took. Roshni is also an engineer working with Wipro!

3. Alisha Abdullah

Daughter of the famous racer and seven time national champion R D Abdullah, Alisha had an inherent interest in biking coming in right from those genes. She was fortunate enough to have her interest nurtured as a child. At the age of 13, she won a National Level Formula Car Racing. Alisha came back with a bang after eight years of break by badging the title of National Women Racing Championship. 

Step outside those boundaries and colour outside the line, for it’s always going to be the passionate dreamer in you who’s going to take you places! 

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