“What is love?… Baby don’t hurt me!”

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No, we’re also not talking about the Jim Carrey meme. We are literally asking you,”What is love?”

Some like the legendary Jigar Moradabadi claim, “ye ishq nahi aasan, itna hi samajh liije… Ik aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai.” Now of course we’re not expecting a love affair as passionate as that in today’s day and age but what is love after all? While many poets from all over the world have pondered over this question for decades, here’s what these youngsters think about love.

One girl points out in one word what her personal notion of love is, it’s understanding. Understanding the needs of a loved one in any relationship becomes extremely necessary. This is something that helps you get a better understanding of the other person and it also gets you through rough patches in the relationship and various highs and lows. For another young woman, love is just a feeling, quite like any other chemical reaction in your brain that produces an emotion, which is a very reasonable description of love.

For another lady, simplicity is key. Anything that is related to a simple life or a simple loving is what attracts her. While for some people love is all about the complex and intricate details, simplicity happens to be one of the most preferred qualities in modern relationships and often is the foundation of love. Yet another girl points out that trust is very important for her, “if there is no trust, there will be no love.”

While some believe in unconditional love, others say that trust, care and loyalty form their notion of love. One of the three young men we talked to suggests that love is something that keeps you going, “aapko zindagi mein kuch achieve karne mein help kare.” For another young man, love is all about “ek doosre ki feeling ko samajhna.” The last man that we talked to certainly seemed like a true millennial at heart, since he pointed out that when he receives a text from his loved one, his day is truly made.  

Lastly, a young lady said that for her “love cannot be expressed,” rather “it can only be shown through actions.” Somehow, we agree with this statement because love is too big of emotion to comprehend all in one go, let alone expressing it. The one true way of expressing love is through actions.

What’s love to you? Tell us in comments below!

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