What Having An Eating Disorder Feels Like, My Story

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Lavanya Aneja, a young Indian and founder of Boss Brown Women, fell prey to an eating disorder in her strive to attain the perfect body goals she had set for herself.

With society magnifying beauty standards and appreciating only certain forms of body-types makes It difficult for any teenager to feel accepted and appreciated for the way he/she looks. Running behind those body goals is a common trend seen in the younger generation with no guards on when to stop chasing the impossible, before it starts harming your body.

What started off as cutting out the unhealthy food went on to cutting out meals with the understanding that the feeling of passing out was a hint for Lavanya that it’s working. “after a point, I couldn’t stop puking”, says the young Indian as she recalls losing 5 kgs within a span of 7-10 days.

“When I kept throwing up I realized I was losing weight and thought that I can throw up voluntarily and lose more weight”, thought Lavanya as she was more driven than ever to achieve her goal that led her to ignore her detoriating health.

The lowest moment for Lavanya was when she decided to try on clothes from the kids section and waited for the rush of happiness to surge in as she fitted into them but felt nothing other than numbness. She broke down and questioned why she continually betrayed her body when her body never really betrayed her.

The Boss Brown Women, decided to walk the road to recovery there after and began treating herself the way she would treat her family and friends.

Why do we forget at times that self love is the key to living life happy?

Its not realistic to go from self doubt to self love in a jiffy, but the courage to work towards that transformation is the first step to recovery. “Be your own cheerleader” says Lavanya and this is her journey of how she battled through life and rose victorious.

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