Who are We, The Young?

We, The Young, are fuelled by our ideas and driven by our dreams. We breathe passion into things we do and are on a quest to find our own voice amidst all the clutter & noise. We are diverse, unapologetic about who we love or identify as.  We are creators, thinkers and believers, bursting and overflowing with talent. We are entrepreneurs, artists, authors and leaders of the new world – We, The Young are a crazy breed, and it is our stories – the stories of a new generation – that will define and shape the future.  Welcome to a space that celebrates these voices! 

Dear Zindagi

Dealing With The Loss Of Someone Special

2 min read The young Indian, Ishita Dev battled the hardest periods of her life and it all started when her grandmother, who was her backbone, got paralysed and finding her grandmother lying on a bed with medical equipment every day crumbled her heart.

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Aware Indian

Porn, Sex Aur Dhoka?

3 min read Yukta Arora, a young ‘woke’ youth voices her take on the porn industry and society’s blindside towards it. She also talks about how it’s one of the most normal things ever and yet we ignore it like it doesn’t exist.

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< 1 min read Happy Independence Day from the drag queen, lesbian couples, boy next door who’s a Kathak dancer, food blogger who’s still asked how stable this career choice is.

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