Walked out of a Multi-National Bank To Become India’s Favourite Fashion Curator!

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 Tales of the biggest business ventures of the modern world can be all traced back to tiny a shack and one resignation letter. What often starts with a tiny itch, grows strong enough to compel people into the big leap.

Today we bring you the story of another young entrepreneur, who threw away what many of us would call a ‘dream job’ to pursue the off-beat madness she was carved to create.

Nandini Varshnei is a popular name in the fashion world today. Her brainchild, Armoire is a star in the designer and retail industry. Who could have ever imagined that a bank employee would walk straight out of the finance world and fearlessly barge into fashion with a blast?

But rowing against the tide is never an easy option. She started with literally nothing in her hand. Convincing people to send their merchandise to a first-timer.was close to impossible.

 From managing the nitty-gritty of the finance to being her own logo designer, she hustled like a boss, assembling what the world calls Armoire. Even as she expanded her own brand, she decided to be her own boss, instead of hiring supervisors.

“If your business is in its early stage can save a lot of money and resources by donning multiple hats. This way you learn new skills and gain more experience.”

Nandini jumped into the industry with a pop-up that took place at her mothers boutique. It was indeed a brave move with a lot at risk. But the right combination of determination and self-motivation helped her achieve a nearly impossible task. On the very first day of her pop up launch, she met strangers who not only praised her collection but also walked out of her store with multiple orders and happy faces.

Within three days, her sales outnumbered her expectations. What sprouted from an unsettling feeling had been nurtured into being the most popular lux pop-up shop. Nandini’s idea found validation, and now nothing could stop this elated entrepreneur from pushing her dream idea straight into the industry.

The picture-perfect combination of good ideas, excellent execution and a super talented entrepreneur made Armoire with countless hearts in less than five years. The tiny cubicles of the corporate world could not contain this hustlers dream.

A good business is driven by funding, it is the loved child of immense hard work and dogged determination. There are hundreds of brilliant minds waiting for the right push, but only a handful are like Nandini, who manage to walk past the dreaded path to shine like stars.

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