US To India: Young voice taking on to the streets towards a change

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Bags were packed, the flight was about to take off, hopes were high. A ___ -year-old Tanisha left for the States to launch a startup. She had big aspirations of making it big there and getting a good amount of funding. Little did she know, two years down the line she would be back in India, contesting elections and hearing comments like “you’re throwing your life away.”

While growing up, politics was never even remotely on Tanisha’s mind. Like common understanding of politics, she too thought, “ politics mei rakha kya hai? It’s a dirty place and difficult to get in. We only find gundas, and the uber-rich people there.” But she realized while in States that she wanted to be the change and wanted to contribute to making India better. 

Watch how she narrates a life-changing moment where the husband had made his wife contest elections and was opely going around saying that she is standing as a pawn since it’s a woman’s seat, “aap vote karo, kaaam toh maine hi karna hai.”

The young blood has so much potential and power. And the aware Indian in each one of us is only one step away from change. Tanisha sets an example with her resilience and go-getter attitude, that’s what India needs right now- the youngest roar!

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