To all the 19-year-old women out there

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Dear all the 19-year-old women out there, 

There are so many things I wanna say to you, apologies for SO many things, even get mad at you for some decisions but let me start by telling you that it’ll all be okay…eventually.

I know you think being fat is a sin. You’ve been ridiculed all your life for the weight you carry. I know nobody sees the weight you carry in your mind. I know you remember every comment that bruised the corners of your soul and told you to lose the weight. The scale wasn’t your friend and neither was your body. I am sure you remember all the times you’d look in the mirror and hate yourself for who you are. We never look at what’s beyond the body and think about the flesh that surrounds it too much!

Let me tell you- you’re not alone. I know that doesn’t help but also, you don’t deserve to hear all the voices you are hearing. You deserve to hear voices that talk about what’s more to you than your body. You are beautiful. Take my word for it- fat shaming is not easy to take, you took it and the amount of strength you’ve shown is amazing. 

So hang on please you, just for a little while more. It will get better I promise. Show yourself the same compassion and empathy you show others. Be a little more kind to yourself. Just remember, you don’t need to strive to be perfect, because you already are. A scarred, imperfect, perfect woman. 


A 24 year old woman who’s been there

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