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Have you always felt censorship when you wanted to talk about your sex-related queries and worries? 

Is it awkward if a sex scene comes on TV when you’re around parents? 

Did you get most of your sexual awareness from the internet? 

If you checked yes to all those questions, we say, you’re a 90s kid who lives in a country that holds a population of 133.92 crores. Here, skipping a chapter on reproduction happens to be the norm, not just in the classroom but even back at home discussing anything that is even remotely related to sex is a taboo.

If these chapters are being skipped in school and the parents of the opposite gender are so uncomfortable about having a conversation about ‘the birds and the bees,’ where on Earth is young India expected to get their information from? While we agree that Google is awesome and the Internet is our best buddy too, the fact that the conversation is not happening at home or in schools is alarming. 

We talked to a few youngsters and what they had to say about this was that “it is still a very shameful topic,” “people are scared to talk about sex” or are struggling to talk about it because of the stigma that is associated with it. Other than that there were a few cases of individuals who up until recently thought that kids came from the hospital.

The usual approach about sex-ed in India is always one with a certain prejudice of this being a taboo and conversations and discussions around it are always either “hush-hush” or “giggly.”

While this might be one reality of India, there are always two sides to a coin and the other reality of our country still continues to be that we are the land of the Kamasutra and have a ‘thriving’ population of 133.92 crores. So while the older generation is choosing not to talk about sex, young India is getting their fair share of information. At the same time, they recognise that it is a biological need and therefore are choosing to exercise their freedom and autonomy by talking about sex.

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