This 20-year-old Indian mentalist earns more than you ever thought!

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The fundamental question haunting most of our lives remains to be ‘tum kya karte ho’.While most of us spend a quarter of our lives finding the right answer to this question, Pranav Dua finds peace in carving an entirely unique career path for himself. He calls is himself a Mentalist. 

Mentalism or the science of mind reading is nothing but an art of psychological deception as Poshak Dua would explain. The boy next door has taught himself the skills to manipulate the human and performing tricks that would leave you startled.

As a young child, Poshak found his inspiration through David Blaine’s television performances. A journey that began from teaching little card tricks to peers for ten rupees, to take up the art form as a part-time career option, it’s been a bumpy ride. Pranav has tutored himself without any external help or formal training. His story is a rendition of young minds breaking the trends of normative career choices. While many dreams to become engineers, lawyers or join the corporate world, Pranav plans to entertain through the art of mentalism.

 Mentalism involves a combination of body language micro-expression and hypnosis. Over the years, it took him of hours of practice and tremendous hard work to master the art of entertainment through mentalism.

“My parents think that magic is something that is limited birthday parties.’ My parents firmly believe that this (mentalism) is not a stable career option. However, his parents’ skepticisms have not stopped him from pursuing his passion. He goes on explaining how entertainment as a business is growing and demanding unconventional talents. With a lot of pride, he further states that even though he is doing it part-time, he still manages to earn close to what an average engineer would earn.”

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