The Story Of A Self Made Woman Who Is Now The Makeup Artist Behind Your Favourite Celebrities

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We often believe life is hard for us and nothing can get worse, be it a financial crisis or a family issue. Take it from Shraddha Inder Mehta a young Indian who was once just a young Indian daughter to divorced parents. But did her mother let her feel that way? No. Instead she took every opportunity to shun the stigmas and break the stereotypes that tag along with being a single parent. Life surely wasn’t easy. In fact it was more like a rollercoaster ride, but she made sure it was a fun ride!

She made a promise to herself, that when she grows up, she will buy anything her mom looks at, no matter what the price may be. She took the onus upon herself to be successful enough in life that she wouldn’t let her mom hear a ‘no’ for anything.

From the juvenile age of 16 she set foot on the path of making something out of herself. Be it dabbling between being a dance teacher to a casting director to holding jewellery exhibitions to starting her own brand, she tried it all. Her young age of 16 allowed her to juggle between jobs until she found her true calling.

However, a few years down the line, Shraddha was yet indecisive about what she wanted to do in life only before her mom sat her down to give her ‘the talk’ on how life was passing by and she was yet stuck in the same place as she was at the age of 16- struggling to find her calling.

Ever inspired by those words of wisdom she decided to turn her passion of make up into her profession and flew down to London to study it further.

Although nothing came easy for Shraddha, she didn’t give up. Instead when life punched her in the face, she threw an even harder jab at life. On returning to India post her education she struggled to get make-up appointments. After all the bollywood industry is hard to get into and being the new kid on the block is never a smooth sail. But Shraddha was hellbent on proving otherwise. Out of the 60 make-up artists she reached out to, 1 reverted back to her on the 40th day and the young Indian recalls this moment as the highest point in her life.

The young Indian stands tall as an example that nothing comes easy in life but if you don’t give up nothing will slip away easily either. From working with the top celebrities of bollywood to travelling across the country with them, she has left no leaf unturned in pivoting her life to where she wants and here is how she did it. 

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