Struggling To Get Over Drug Addiction? This Story Is Just For You!

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Samriddhi Bharghav, a 22 year old young Indian is far from the typical average Indian society makes of you. She has battled drug abuse and survived suicide and this is her journey of blooming out of the cocoon she once thought she was trapped in forever.

It all started of at the mere age of 14 when smoking pot became a daily, regular activity of the young Indian. Eventually over a period of time, her use of marijuana transformed into abusing it. “To reach the level of high I wanted to reach, pot wasn’t enough anymore and so I started mixing it with alcohol but soon that wasn’t enough either”, says Samriddhi recalling what led her to hard drugs.

It was the day of Holi and 16-year old Samriddhi was in the car with her friends trying cocaine for the first time ever. Not knowing what to expect, the worst happened within 5 minutes when her parents walked over to the car and little did Samriddhi know that she would be on her way home driving while being coked up for the first time.

As the drug abuse escalated, Samriddhi’s behaviour began degrading. She began physically attacking her friends and family, breaking objects at home and having maniac episodes. The young Indian contemplated the thought of ending it often. One day, she stole a bottle of whiskey from her brother and gulped it down while overdosing on the hoarded medicines she had saved up including anti-depressants. The next thing she remembers is waking up on a hospital bed and feeling like the worst person for putting her family through this.

The guilt began to eat her up. From this being the end of her journey to making it the turning point of her journey, Samriddhi took off for rehab not knowing what to expect. At first the thought of rehab itself was scary, no access to the outside world and completely cutting off was something she thought was impossible for her.

From being welcomed with warm hugs by strangers to making a best friend, rehab brought Samriddhi out of the cocoon she had made for her self and did she feel like a new born butterfly when she came out of rehab.

“There is a point in every addict’s life where it seems impossible, recovery feels like a lie but it is most definitely possible and that state of mind is the thing that isn’t real. If u get passed that darkest phase then you can always improve your life the way you wish to”, says Samriddhi who is now more confident than ever and on her way to do great things.

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