Son of a taxi driver, Bboy Jin prepping up for the World Bboying Championship

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Son of a taxi driver, Bboy Jin prepping up for the World Bboying Championship

“Mere liye Bboying lifestyle h, jo me jee raha hu.”

This is the story of a Delhi Bboy artist- Vivek Nainwal aka Jin, the son of a taxi driver, who has made a name in the Bboying community with his hardwork and moves. He moves, lives, eats, sleeps and breaths Bboying. They say dance like noone’s watching, Jin wants people to watch him. He wants people to be reminded of him when they see his shadow. He sure comes from a small space, but he is here to make it big! 

His interest in Bboying began with a random stranger showing him a video of a Redbull contest where Bboy Lilu became the World Champion in 2015. Jin too is gearing up for the Championship and hopes to return home with the title.

His parents have been extremely supportive of his dreams. A lot of times, he didn’t have the money to enter a competition and when he did, he knew he had to win the competition and get the winning amount home otherwise he won’t have the money to commute back. He tells us, “Kabhi Kabhi jab haara battle mei, toh general compartment hota hai na? Bina ticket wala? Usme aata tha neeche bethe ke.” 

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Jin wants to be remembered as an artist with his own style. If there is a will, there is a way. There’s a way that takes us to our dreams, perhaps, only waiting to be discovered. Here’s hoping that Jin gets the World Bboy Champion title home. 

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