“Sapne ya Baap?” 17-year-old’s viral rap video story

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‘Kuch cheeze hoti he na, jinse pyaar ho jaata he, hip-hop woh hai meri zindagi mein’

Like most young boys of Sonipat, Prashaan enjoyed listening to rappers like Raftaar. Life took a magical turn once he realized that he was bestowed with the talent of writing his own raps!

Soon after he discovered the world of hip-hop and it’s true nature which was beyond plain entertainment. 

‘ Not many people in Sonipat understand Hip-Hop’.

Prashan was not just inspired by the art form, but he eventually found solace in it. When the world around him seemed to be choking him, hip-hop brought him back to life.

‘When I look around I feel like a rebel, so I pen down the negativity, and this is my art.’

This young artist who wishes to pursue his dreams after his school was ridiculed by his parents. However, nothing could plug this erupting volcano.


‘One time when I was on my way back home, a bunch of kids in another school bus recognized me, and started singing my rap, and that was the moment I got the kick I cherish the most.’

That was the one moment I felt I was meant to do this! The small-town boy finds joy in the little validation he gets from the people around him. He acknowledges the fact that seeking support from his parents would be a tough bargain, but his passion gives him the constant push.

Prashaan shares his stories of struggles and triumphs. An upcoming artist looking for the right kind of audience and exposure. Watch the video below to know more about the life of this budding voice of dissent. 

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