From Bestfriends To Soulmates, here’s how this Bangalore based couple had a happily ever after

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Meet this adorable duo from Bangalore, Joanna- a girl boss and Dennis- a violinist have come a long way from being ‘just friends’ to loving and being there for each other. Although their journey starts off as best friends in college, it, in due course, reaches a standstill where the world pauses for their love to blossom.

But their journey wasn’t a fairy tail from the beginning, instead it started off as a rollercoaster ride!

From being partners in crime to solving each others problems, It’s often said, once you pass the 7 year mark in your friendship it’ll last forever. But little did they know, what life had in store for them.

Dennis and his band bagged a gig for new years eve out of town. Since he wasn’t able to spend new years with his loved ones, so he decided to meet them one last time that year. On the 29th of December, 2019, the gang was on their way back from their last night out before the new year kicked in when Dennis’s best friend decided to confront Joanna about the feelings Dennis evidently had for her but ignored due to the possibility of losing her as a best friend. Surprised by what she heard, tears rolled down her eyes as she smiled and admitted her feelings for him too. But that day wasn’t the start of their love story. Joanna shied away from the confrontation and parted her way home with butterflies in her stomach and thoughts filled with uncertainty.

As Dennis left for his gig the next day, he mustered up courage and wrote a 100 word paragraph admitting his feelings to her. But to his astonishment, she replied with ‘okay cool’. Gambling his feeling’s he sent one more text asking her out and this time she replied in an even more unpredictable manner. She sent him a song saying this will answer your question and at that moment he knew she was the love of his life. It was a song by the band Rascal Flatts that ends with ‘god bless a broken road that led me straight to you.’

Ever since then, Joanna and Dennis set forth on their journey of true love. Although initially as quoted by Joanna ‘it felt like an arranged marriage’ they are now crossing each others borders from friends to lovers and getting to know each other more deeply.

Like any other relationship they too stumble upon hurdles. Being considerate about each others feelings in their day to day activity is a new concept to them and being financially stable is a concern to them, but, who being loved, is poor? Dennis believes the hardest thing to do after they started dating is staying up all night. But that’s what happens when reality is finally better that your dreams!

Although the lockdown has taken a toll on them they are no where close to giving up. Being confined within 4 walls and not meeting each other is the biggest hurdle they’ve stumbled upon yet. But for Dennis and Joanna, home isn’t where they live but it is each other and they can’t wait to get home!

They are gliding their way through the two way street of love that is always under construction.

Here’s their note of upliftment and love for each other to get them through the lockdown –

Dear Joanna, I think these times may be the most challenging times to be away from each other because of the lockdown the distance between us is no factor of change, my love for you will always be the same. When I knew you 7 years ago, the Joanna I know now, and the Joanna I will know for the next several years to come forever. I love you so much and really hope to meet you soon someday.

Dear Dennis, the first day you asked me out marked the beginning of my journey into a world of happiness, I don’t think there is any happiness that is as much as the one I have when I am with you. I don’t really care of what becomes of our relationship in the future, all I care about is that I won’t ever bring myself to stop loving you. My success story remains incomplete without mentioning the big role that you play in my life. Your moral support and love at all times makes a whole lot of difference to me. I love you so much.

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