Plus and Beautiful- Three Indian Woman who could show you how body positivity is done!

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Gone are the days when you could either be fat and beautiful! Women are constantly redefining beauty standards by being plus AND beautiful. Here are three such #BoPo warriors: 

Neha Parulkar:

Self-love and body acceptance didn’t come easy for Neha. She was fat-shamed as a child and that left a huge impact on the way she looked at herself and her body. Neha has come a long way now with establishing herself as a strong, bold and confident plus-size model. While recalling her first step towards becoming the woman that she is today, she recalls how she was not taken seriously at all when she first mentioned that she wants to be a model. It’s never easy to stand against the wind, she did and she’s definitely one of those storms we need to shake a few perceptions up! 

Hear her talk about the kind of things plus-size models here and how she shoves all of them right into the air.

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar

Tanvi calls herself a “Smasher of Stereotypes” and we definitely would agree! She is a blogger, dancer, and fashion enthusiast. Tanvi doesn’t believe that any scale in the world can stop you from being happy and loving yourself. In her own words-  “You don’t have to tell me that I’m fat because I already know! You know what else I am though, I am a super loyal friend, a fiercely protective sister, a nurturing partner, a loving daughter, and an honest genuine person. I am smart, lame jokes crack me up and I love animals! These are things that the mirror isn’t going to show you.”

Payal Soni 

To Payal, body positivity is all about having the freedom to be oneself and the freedom to love oneself without any judgments. She says, “Allow yourself the freedom of choice based on comfort and your taste, not based on insecurities !!!” She never hesitates in flaunting her curves or picking up a swimsuit and rocking the look with her confidence. Modeling is her passion and she doesn’t let body stereotypes limit her passion. She has come a long way with her self love journey, by overcoming her stage fear and winning the title of Miss Curve Queen 2017. 

Here’s to them and all the other self-confident ladies out there, the ones who are still struggling with accepting themselves and the ones who have, you’re now alone!

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